Illustration of Google’s wordmark, written in red and pink on a dark blue background.
Illustration: The Verge

Ever wanted to add your own annotations to search results you find on Google? With Google’s new “Notes” experiment, launching Wednesday as an opt-in feature through Search Labs, you’ll be able to.

If you’ve opted in to Notes, buttons to add and see notes will appear under search results and under articles on Discover in the Google app. When you create a note, you can add colorful fonts and images.

During a briefing, Google showed me a note for an article about different kinds of frosting that had green text, an image of a cake, and a heart sticker. (At the bottom of the note, there was a link to the article the note was about.)

If you post a note, it should show up “within minutes,” unless it’s flagged for human review, Google VP Cathy…

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