Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Samsung is rolling out a massive update for the SmartThings app with support for Shareable Routines.
Samsung has also added a new Hub Manager interface and Hub Backup support.
The SmartThings platform is now updated and certified to the Matter 1.2 SDK.

In addition to offering smart home device controls, Samsung’s SmartThings app includes a useful automation feature called Routines. It lets users create automated sequences of tasks or actions that can trigger automatically based on predefined parameters. While setting up a routine is fairly simple, Samsung is now adding a handy feature that will let you copy someone else’s preconfigured routines.

Samsung has announced a massive update for the SmartThings app, which brings a host of new features and changes. The Shareable Routines feature is rolling out as part of the update, and it will let you easily copy and activate a premade routine by scanning a QR code.


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