LG is buying Athom, the Dutch company that makes Homey products.
It’s doing this to quickly expand its smart home ecosystem, similar to how Samsung did the same by buying SmartThings in 2014.
For now, though, it’s business as usual, with Homey branding and operations continuing as normal.

Dutch company Athom is the creator of the Homey product line. The Homey Pro, as explained in the video above, is the “one hub to rule them all,” with the ability to bring your entire smart home together under one platform, regardless of the brands or connection protocols of your various devices.

Today, LG announced (h/t The Verge) that it has purchased an 80% stake in Athom, giving it a large degree of control over the future of Homey. Over the next three years, LG will buy the remaining 20%, making Athom — and Homey — an LG brand.


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