Amazon announced the discontinuation of its Astro for Business program, which it launched in November 2023.
Customers who invested in the $2,350 robot dogs will receive full refunds, a $300 credit, and refunds for unused, prepaid subscription fees.
Amazon will cover the recycling and shipping costs for the discontinued robots.

Amazon is known for launching innovative programs and gadgets, like the Echo (5th gen), but not all take off as expected. The company recently announced it would be discontinuing the Astro for Business program (via GeekWire). The program was launched in November 2023 for small- and medium-sized businesses that would benefit from a mobile patrol dog watching over inventories and investigating potential disturbances.

The robotic sentry dog is equipped with night vision technology and an HD periscope and can map a total of 5,000 sq. ft. of space on its own, based on preprogrammed routines and routes set by users. In an official email to customers, the company, however, noted that the “robots will stop working Sept. 25.” Amazon also added, “Any patrol or investigation videos recorded by Astro will still be available in your Ring app until your video storage time expires or your Ring Protect subscription ends.”


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