Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

WhatsApp beta version has a new feature that allows users to share photos with Meta AI.
The AI chatbot will analyze uploaded images and provide information or context about the content.
Users may be able to request specific edits to their photos directly through Meta AI, though the extent of this feature is still unknown.

As the battle for AI dominance heats up, Meta is adding a new trick to its AI chatbot, Meta AI, which is already part of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. While Meta AI already has impressive text capabilities, such as replying to questions, suggesting captions, and holding conversations, users cannot currently share or upload photos to the Meta AI chat.

WaBetaInfo has uncovered the exciting new feature in the WhatsApp beta for Android version This feature will allow Meta AI to interact with photos shared by users, reply to photos, and even edit them.


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