Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Amazon Prime introduced a Watch Party feature in 2020, letting users remotely watch movies and shows together. Now it appears it’s gone.
The feature started to phase out at least a few months ago, though it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it happened as Amazon hasn’t officially said anything about it.
If you really care about Watch Party, alternatives like Teleparty allow you to do the same thing just through a third-party service.

During the pandemic, many streaming services introduced Watch Party features, allowing people to watch the latest movie together even when they are far apart geographically. This was a brilliant addition at the time, as many of us were suffering from social isolation. Years later, it seems the feature has quietly disappeared for Amazon Prime users.

To be clear, Amazon Watch Party hasn’t been available for a while. Pinning down the exact timeline is difficult, but it has been nearly five months, at least based on Reddit comments.


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