The Google Home app now features a redesigned Activity tab.
This update makes it easier for users to sort events.
An update to app version 3.19 is required to access this feature on Android.

Thanks to its integration with Google Assistant, Google Home offers an efficient and hands-free way to automate your household. And if you’re ever away from home or unable to use voice commands, the Google Home app can come in handy, given that it lets you conveniently access and control your smart home devices from anywhere and at any time. Given how important the app is to tap into your smart home system, Google regularly rolls out updates that can either improve functionality or user experience.

After recently introducing a home screen widget, Google is now rolling out a redesigned interface for the Activity tab (via 9to5Google). The new UI aims to make sorting events easier for users. The previous version of the app used a Filter button at the top of the Activity page. When selected, it would open another page that would then load a list of events that users would have to scroll through to locate the one they were looking for.


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