Google Play Store is testing a small UI change that puts more focus on trailers for games and apps.
The new UI also defaults to the dark theme.
Other than the dark theme and the tweaks to trailer positioning, the new game listing UI looks very similar to the original.

The Google Play Store has evolved a lot since the days of the Android Market, especially when it comes to the UI and getting easy access to the information that matters. Google has made a lot of strides here, cleaning up listings and even experimenting with features like AI to help clean up description fluff for games and apps. Now it seems the company is making another change to the UI, this time bringing greater prominence to trailers by placing them directly at the top of listings.

We discovered the change while digging through Google Play Store version 41.7.16-31, though it’s far from the only new discovery made during the teardown process. We’ve also discovered some changes to app ratings that could greatly improve their relevancy. The newly changed UI also lines up better with the mobile browser version.


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