You may soon be able to see just how far along your Quick Share transfers are proceeding.
A new flag unlocks a numerical percent-complete readout within the Quick Share progress circle.

Does there exist any UI element more frustrating than the progress bar? While ostensibly a quite useful visualization, anyone who’s installed a lot of software or copied a lot of files can testify to all the ways those good intentions can go wrong. However, Google is working on what looks to be a nice new enhancement for Quick Share that seriously upgrades how it shows file transfer progress, adding a numerical percentage-complete display.

All too often, progress bars seem to just show that our software is doing something, rather than quickly and clearly communicating how close the current task is to completion. Maybe that means a bar that’s constantly filling and resetting as it tracks thousands of little tasks, instead of giving you the birds-eye view you really want. Or sometimes you just don’t get an update frequently enough to be meaningful, watching your bar jump from barely started to almost full, after minutes of waiting.


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