Android 15 is adding a Thread network stack that, on supported phones, will enable communicating with compatible smart home devices via Thread.
Thread is a low-power mesh networking protocol that’s specifically designed for smart home devices.
Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are the only mobile devices with a Thread radio right now, but they could be joined soon by some Android devices.

Building a smart home is supposed to make our lives easier, but managing smart home devices can be a chore, especially when you mix and match devices from different brands. That’s because many smart home devices only work with proprietary apps from their manufacturer. Those that do support one of the larger smart home ecosystems, like Google Home, Alexa, HomeKit, or SmartThings, are often stuck within their one ecosystem, limiting your device options. This is where the Matter smart home standard comes into play, a key component of which is the Thread mesh networking protocol, which will be supported on select mobile devices running Android 15.

Matter is a royalty-free connectivity standard developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, or CSA for short. The goal of Matter is to create an interoperable way for smart home devices to communicate with one another. With Matter, you can connect a Matter-certified smart home device, such as a light switch or thermostat, to a Matter-compatible app or hub, regardless of the manufacturer.


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