Documents are a crucial part of any business. It doesn’t matter if it’s invoices plans, agreements design, brochures or videos, every company must transfer and store frequently. But the way we share files isn’t always secure enough. It’s easy for cybercriminals gain access to sensitive information when sharing files online using unsafe methods. There are tools available to help make sharing files and transfers safer.

With encryption, online faxing is a safe method to share documents. Online faxing protects documents while in transit to ensure that they can only be read by the intended recipient. This allows businesses to comply with privacy laws, and reduces the risk that documents end up in the wrong hands.

There are many free tools that can be used for file sharing. However, they don’t always have the features larger companies require to abide with the regulations of compliance and adhere to security policies. Some of these tools may not offer a comprehensive approach to protecting documents, or they could have issues with data storage and other aspects of file security.

Nuclino, an easy-to use unifying workspace, allows teams to collaborate on spreadsheets, documents and slides in real time. It automatically backs up and encrypts content using bank-level AES 256 bit encryption, both in transit and at rest, allowing for an audit trail. You can also create private folders or workspaces which are only accessible to a select group of users based on their role. This lets you decide who can access your content and when.

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