You won’t be able to see Apple Maps’ new globe view on an Intel-based Mac. | Image: Apple

Apple’s next big macOS update, macOS Monterey, adds a bunch of good-looking new features, but some of the more interesting ones won’t be coming to Intel-based Macs, according to the fine print on Apple’s macOS Monterey website (via MacRumors).

If you don’t have an M1-based Mac — and many people probably don’t, given that the first Macs with M1 chips were just released in November — here are the new features that you won’t be able to use in macOS Monterey:

FaceTime’s Portrait mode, which blurs the background behind you while you’re on a video call
Live Text, which lets you interact with text in photos and images (such as being able to copy and paste an address on a sign)
Apple Maps’ new globe view
Apple Maps’ more detailed maps in…

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