Michael Gandolfini stars as Tony Soprano in The Many Saints of Newark | HBO Max

The Good Fight returned to its very weird and funny roots this week and introduced Mandy Patinkin as a — let’s say “unconventional” judge, and it’s as if my favorite character from Homeland got a new job. I know everyone is probably maxed out on how many streaming channels they can/want to subscribe to, but The Good Fight is reason enough to at least check out Paramount Plus. And I have no idea what’s going to happen on the next episode of Loki but (mild spoiler ahead!) I can’t imagine the two characters who got pruned will stay pruned.

This week we finally get a first look at the prequel to The Sopranos and a new look at the new Masters of the Universe show.

The Many Saints of Newark

In this prequel to The Sopranos, Michael…

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