Illustration by Laura Normand / The Verge

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is apparently no longer on the board of Bluesky, the decentralized social media platform he helped start. Yesterday, an X user asked him if he was still on the company’s board, and Dorsey responded, without further elaboration, “no.”

As TechCrunch points out, Dorsey was on a tear yesterday, unfollowing all but three accounts on X while referring to Elon Musk’s platform as “freedom technology.”

Screenshot: X
Jack Dorsey’s response.

There’s seemingly no evidence that Dorsey is off the Bluesky board yet, apart from his post. The company still lists him as a board member, along with its CEO, Jay Graeber, and Jabber / XMPP inventor Jeremie Miller. Dorsey originally backed Bluesky in 2019…

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