DeArrow is an open-source browser extension that replaces clickbait YouTube thumbnails with a simple frame from the video.
The tool also changes titles and removes emojis to create a more simple and authentic browsing experience for the user.
The extension can be downloaded through the Chrome web store.

If you’ve used YouTube in the recent past, you’re no stranger to the ridiculous facial expressions that video creators often use in their thumbnails. To make things worse, this is usually paired with a sensational, clickbait title that’s designed to get your attention. While you likely find this annoying, the fact is that you might unwittingly click the video to know what it covers. Unfortunately, this increases the viewer count, which makes the video appear on more people’s feeds. This perpetuates the cycle of clickbait content, making it more likely for creators to use these strategies.

If you can’t stand the clickbait thumbnails and titles anymore, DeArrow might be just the tool for you. Once installed, the open-source browser extension replaces the current thumbnail with a frame from the video. Similarly, clickbait titles are replaced with arbitrary text.


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