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The ad-free Netflix Basic tier is finally being phased out for legacy subscribers.
You’ll either have to switch to the ad-supported Basic tier for $6.99 a month or pay at least $15.49 a month for the cheapest ad-free option.
So far, notices seem to have mostly targeted users in the UK and Canada, though the US and other regions aren’t likely too far behind.

Last summer, Netflix officially discontinued its Netflix Basic plan for new subscribers. Previously, this tier was just $10 a month, though it had gone up to $11.99 towards the end of its life. This plan only allowed for one stream at a time and was limited to 720p, but it gave you full access to the entire Netflix library, completely ad-free. Until now, legacy subscribers could still keep the ad-free Basic plan, but Netflix is finally phasing it out for good.

As first spotted by The Verge, there have recently been several Reddit posts from users who have received notices from Netflix that they must choose a new plan if they wish to keep watching. The actual date for discontinuation seems to vary depending on your billing date and other factors. So far, nearly all these notices have been for Canadian or UK subscribers.


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