Credit: Ryan Whitwam / Android Authority

The Samsung Galaxy S25 and S25 Ultra recently showed up in an IMEI database, with models listed as SM-S931 and SM-938 respectively.
Notably, the Galaxy S25 Plus has yet to be spotted, leading to some speculation it might be discontinued. At least one other report directly refutes this and says the Plus is still in the works.
There’s really too little data to reach a solid conclusion, though a Plus model still seems fairly likely.

The Samsung Galaxy S25 series won’t launch for roughly six more months, at least if Samsung sticks to tradition. Despite this, there have already been numerous rumors giving us a better idea of what to expect from the series. Now, a new report from Android Headlines suggests the Galaxy S25 Plus might be going the way of the dinosaur.

According to the publication, the Galaxy S25 and S25 Ultra have surfaced in an IMEI database, but there’s yet to be any trace of the Galaxy S25 Plus. The S25 is listed as SM-S931B/DS, while the S25 Ultra has a few variants in the database: SM-S938B, SM-S938U, SM-S938N, and SM-S9380. Each letter at the end of the model number stands for a different region, with B for global, U for USA, and N for South Korea. The original report indicates all three Galaxy S24 variants showed up in July of 2023 around the same timeframe, but the Galaxy S25 Plus is absent here. Therefore, the writer believes the S25 Plus might not be happening.


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