Fitbit’s Charge series remains one of the company’s most popular lineups. Each fitness tracker offers shoppers a broad feature set and a petite form factor, minimizing display space in favor of a slim design and better battery life. Though I found a lot to like about Fitbit’s latest generation, the Fitbit Charge 6, there is also plenty of room for improvement. Assuming Fitbit will continue to support the lineup, I’ve brainstormed everything I’d hope to see on a Fitbit Charge 7 and everything we know so far about the potential device.

More reliable GPS accuracy
Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

During my review period, GPS accuracy was the biggest disappointment of the Fitbit Charge 6. Built-in GPS is a major selling point for any device, but it’s only as useful as it is accurate. Unfortunately, that logic made it pretty useless on the latest Charge.


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