A whole bunch of OnePlus Nord 4 renders have leaked in advance of the company’s July 16 event.
The metal-bodied design features a rear panel with glass accents.
While shaping up to be an attractive smartphone, don’t count on sales coming to the US.

We’re closing in on one of the hottest times of the year for smartphone launches. Samsung’s got its big Paris event in just a couple days, and next week we’re looking forward to OnePlus holding its own Summer Launch Event. That one’s set to bring us not just a new tablet and some mobile accessories, but also the latest handset to join the company’s budget lineup, the Nord 4. Following the leak of some promo art last week, today we’re checking out what’s easily the biggest Nord 4 leak to date.

So far we’ve had a pretty solid idea of what to expect from the rest of the upcoming OnePlus lineup, but the Nord 4 has been a bit more nebulous. The picture’s been getting a little more clear with recent rumors, and today’s leak attempts to further clarify our expectations.


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