Samsung might soon be rolling out its AI Live Translate feature for third-party apps like WhatsApp.
This AI-powered feature is already available for calls and messages via Samsung’s messaging app.
There’s no official word on when this feature will be expanded to third-party apps.

When Samsung’s Galaxy S24 models rolled out earlier this year, there was plenty of buzz around the AI capabilities integrated into the devices. This excitement was well-founded, given that users have seemingly taken to Samsung’s suite of AI features. One of the AI-powered features included in this suite was Live Translate, which offered translations between languages for messages and calls in real-time.

While this feature is already available for Samsung apps, it was expected to roll out for third-party apps in the near future. Now, it appears that WhatsApp will be the first in line to benefit from this capability. Long-time tipster @UniverseIce has claimed on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) that “Galaxy AI will power WhatsApp real-time translation.”


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