The Insta360 Flow Pro features Deep Track 3.0 AI tracking tech and is compatible with Apple DockKit.
It can work with the iPhone’s native camera app and over 200 third-party apps.
Available from today, you can purchase the Flow Pro for $149 via the Insta360 store or Amazon.

Many modern-day smartphones, especially the latest iPhones, have cameras that rival DSLRs. But professional-grade photos and videos often require more than just a good camera. A sharp, shake-free shot is usually only achieved with image-stabilizing equipment. That’s where Insta360’s Flow Pro, an AI-tracking stabilizer for iPhones, comes into play.

The Flow Pro is compatible with Apple DockKit, which enables it to accurately track with the native camera app on iPhones, as well as over 200 other third-party iOS apps. It uses an AI tracking algorithm called Deep Track 3.0, which tracks the subject with incredible precision. For better accuracy, the gimbal can rotate up to 360 degrees and features 3-axis stabilization that cancels out any shakes during the shot. You’ll also find that this gimbal is a good option for shooting a variety of content, given that it can recognize and track cats, dogs, and horses, in addition to people.


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